10 DIY Jobs To Do While In Isolation

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With the whole of the UK now in lockdown, unable to leave our homes. It begs to wonder how we are going to spend our free time. While some may be revelling in this forced downtime, taking this moment to get through some Netflix box sets and chill with their loved ones. Others are searching for meaningful ways to stay productive and improve their homes.
More often than not the small DIY jobs in our homes that are screaming to be completed are ignored, simply because "we just don't have the time". However with us all home for the foreseeable future, there is no better time to put on our DIY gloves and get our homes in tip-top condition. Here at Blaupunkt Tools, we have put together a list of 10 DIY jobs you can do to improve your home while in isolation.

Powerwash Your Patio & Driveway

Tend to the outside of your home by pressure washing your patio and driveway.  Pressure washers are the best tools available for removing stubborn dirt and grime that sometimes makes our sidewalks and outdoor tiling look green and spotty, and not to mention sometimes slippery.  Why not use our new 2100W Pressure Washer along with our Patio Cleaner Attachment for the best results and get those walkways sparkling clean.

Repaint Your Fence & Decking

As mundane as this job can seem, it is one of those things that can make or break the look of your home. Nothing looks more unkempt than flaky and faded paint. So after you have pressure washed, get your brushes ready and repaint the decking and fence, and make your house the nicest of the neighbourhood. 
To make your job easier, try using our High Powered Paint Spray Gun to get an even finish in half the time.


Fell A Tree

If you have been watching that tree in your garden grow closer and closer to your house over the years. Then now is the time to chop it back or fell it if necessary. Leaving large trees or bushes to grow too big can cause damage to your home foundations or plumbing, leaving you with bigger problems later down the track. Fell your tree with the help of our BP Tools Electric Chainsaw or use our Felling Axe for smaller trees.


Landscape The Lawn

With the garden our only outdoor escape during this lockdown, it makes sense to keep it pristine. Especially if you have children who need somewhere to run off some steam. So why don't you take the time to landscape your lawn and make it the centrepiece of your garden? Though it is clear that a neatly mowed lawn instantly makes a home look amazing, mowing your lawn encourages healthy growth and increases your lawns lushness! So get landscaping with our Blaupunkt Electric Lawnmower and High Powered Grass Trimmer.



Trim Your Hedge

 If you have a hedge in your garden, frequent trimming is essential for the health of your plant. Pruning away dead leaves and diseased parts of your hedge with help reduce the risk of insect infestation as well as keep overgrowth at bay. Making your garden look neat and tidy and become a safe haven for those days you need to get out of the house. 

Get your hedge and bushes looking immaculate with our Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Tidy Up Those Leaves & Clippings

Unfortunately tidying up your garden often leaves a lot more mess than there was, to begin with, no pun intended. Leaves and clippings are often all over the place and it can feel like a real burden to have to go around picking everything up.  However, don't give up! Tidying up your garden is quick and easy with the help of our Electric Leaf Blower and Vacuum. You will have the garden of your dreams in no time and be able to sit back and breath in the fresh air while admiring your beautiful garden.


There is nothing like staring at the same four walls for weeks to make you want to change them. And there is nothing stopping you! Use this time to repaint that wall you have always wanted to change or put up some shelves or wall art for something a little different. Use our Paint Spray Gun for a quick smooth finish without having to meddle with rollers and brushes or our Cordless Drill & Screwdriver to put up those frames!


 At-home Car Valet

Though it is a nice treat to get your car professionally valeted and washed while you enjoy roaming the town centre, with all of us in lockdown and businesses shut, this is no longer an option. But that doesn't mean that you cannot get a professional finish at home! Pressure wash your car using our rotary car cleaning brush and get a super shine polish with our car and paint polisher & buffer.


Carpets & Curtains

Use the time to revamp all of your soft furnishings including curtains and even carpets. A lot of businesses are still doing online made to order curtains as well as home deliveries making our time in isolation the perfect time to give your home a makeover. However, as handy as online orders can be, it is still crucial to get the measurements right in order to be sure of the perfect fit. Use our double-sided 8-metre tape measure with both metric and imperial markings to make measuring easy.


Get Creative

And last but not least, with all the limited things we can do, it is a great time to use our creativity towards something we wouldn't usually do in our busy lives. Why not try and build that cubby house the kids have always wanted? Or make a picnic bench to have lunch outside on the days the sun is shining.

Whatever you decide you can be sure that Blaupunkt Tools have the tools to help you through your days of isolation with our delivery team available to get your order to your door as fast as possible.



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