The Best Gardening Blogs To Follow In 2018

Posted on by Dave Crowder

If you’re a keen gardener, or even just considering trying your hand at cultivating your first flowers or plants, there’s nothing better than having a nosey through some inspiration and getting ideas based on what others are doing.

Gardening bloggers offer an insight into their gardens at home, allotment plots, or even balcony gardens, and it’s hugely enjoyable to find new favourites to keep up with and follow along with their progress. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together our favourite gardening blogs that we’ve been enjoying reading in 2018 so far. Read on to see if you find your new favourite! 

Honey and Eggs

Started in early 2017, Honey and Eggs is a beautifully written blog written by Maria, who lives in Scotland and is on a mission to cultivate a wildlife-friendly organic garden. Maria has four chickens, and she’s also planning to grow all of her own flowers for her wedding!

spring garden 

The Anxious Gardener

The Anxious Gardener is a long-running blog penned by professional gardener David Marsden. David’s mission to cultivate wildflowers, love for an old wheelbarrow, and general tales from the garden are a joy to read about. His writing style is descriptive and witty, and it’s no wonder his blog has been so well received.


The Middle-sized Garden

The Middle-sized Garden, as the title suggests, caters to a specific gardener. If your garden is larger than a courtyard but smaller than an acre, then this is the blog for you. From unusual plants to introduce to your garden to how to grow natural dyes, you’ll find some wonderful topics covered.


The Blackberry Garden

Alison Levey who runs The Blackberry Garden has a large garden, which she has poured plenty of love into and cultivated it into a number of different key areas, all furnished with exciting and interesting flowers and plants. You’ll also find her posting reviews, and bringing you along as she visits other gardens.


Vertical Veg

If you’re interested in growing your own food but are limited for space, then Vertical Veg is a fantastic and inspiring blog to follow. Very impressively, Mark who runs the blog managed to grow £900 worth of food on just a balcony and his window sills in one year, which just goes to show what can be achieved.


The Frustrated Gardener

Another blog for those with little space is The Frustrated Gardener, who writes about an assortment of different plants in his own small garden, and how he loves coastal gardening. He has always had a passion for plants, and his grandfather taught him how to grow rhubarb and asparagus as a child, and he had his own greenhouse by the age of 14!


The Patient Gardener

Helen Johnstone uses her blog The Patient Gardener as a platform to share her love of all things horticultural, from the blooms that adorn her own garden to garden shows and her travels to visit gardens all over the world. She also hosts an End of Month View tag, which many other great gardening bloggers take part in.


Growing Family

Growing family is a space for Catherine Hughes to share how it’s possible to fit a passion for gardening around family life, and you’ll find plenty of advice on her blog. From product reviews to gardening tips, and even some interiors posts, you’ll learn a lot from this blog.


Two Thirsty Gardeners

This blog is run by Rich and Nick, two friends who started making cider from apples they’d pinched in 2008, before eventually acquiring an allotment and getting to work growing what they could on the land. They also review beer, so there’s something for everybody to read.


Alternative Eden

Alternative Eden began as a space to document the gardening adventures of Mark and Gaz, who have an exotic themed garden. Since its inception, the blog has grown with them to now include tales of their travels, and it’s a wonderful read if you love a garden that offers something a little different.


A Coastal Plot

Sam and David live with their three teenage children, dog, and cats in the south-east of England, where they have a wonderful garden close to the sea. The garden is a fantastic size that allows for lots of different areas, a pond, and even a balcony area, and they grow some wonderful things. You’ll find garden updates throughout the seasons and also a little glimpse into their lives.

coastal garden

Duver Daily

Duver Daily follows garden updates as well as snapshots of the local area of St Helens Duver on the Isle of Wight, which is teeming with wildflowers. You’ll also find photos and tales from holidays and visits to other gardens!


The Garden Smallholder

Karen and Rich who run The Garden Smallholder are aiming to be as self-sufficient as possible, and their blog follows their efforts. They have a garden at home, as well as an allotment plot, and they have been growing veg for over 10 years now. They even keep chickens!


Rambling In The Garden

Rambling in the Garden came about as a way for Cathy who runs it to keep a record of the garden that herself and her husband have developed together over the years. You’ll find updates on her beautiful garden, as well as sowing records and even some recipes.

Rusty Duck

Jessica who writes Rusty Duck has a renovated cottage and garden on the side of a hill, where she battles the local wildlife such as rabbits and deer for control over her carefully cultivated plants and veggies. The blog makes for an entertaining read as she humorously documents the trials and tribulations of staying on top of things.


Smallest Smallholding

Working with a small space, Lucy is a vegan smallholder on a quest for the Good Life. Lucy lives a frugal life and sets herself monthly challenges which are also an interesting read for anybody on a similar path, alongside gardening tips and home updates.


Rock Cottage Year

Beth Foster of Rock Cottage Year documents her growing efforts, as well as how the chickens she keeps are getting on. She posts detailed planting lists and follows up with updates on how they went. If you love cooking and baking then you’re also in the right place for inspiration in that department!


A Pentland Garden Diary

After moving to a cottage in the Scottish Pentland Hills, Nadine Pierce and her partner Sandy set to work on the first garden they’d had since adult life began. With no previous gardening experience, they’re learning as they go, so this is a great read if you’re in a similar boat, or just fancy watching their fabulous progress.


Veg Plotting

Veg Plotting follows the tales of Michelle Chapman and her allotment and garden and has done since 2007. Michelle loves the unusual, and you’ll find all sorts of different kinds of posts, from decorating your garden for Christmas to a little series of things in unusual places.

Quest For Veg

Anybody thinking about growing their own veg produce would benefit from reading Quest for Veg. Andrew and Sandra are very open about their progress with their allotments, and it makes for a great read if you want to pick up tips on what has worked more or less well for them, as well as updates and recipes they tried with their produce.


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