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Blaupunkt Electric Circular Saw CZ3000 - 185mm - 1300W - *B-GRADE*
Our powerful Circular Saw great for cutting all types of wood and wood based materials. With great features like cutting depth gauge and a laser guide.
Sold Out
Pressure Washer PW7200i with 2100W Aluminium Induction Pump *B-GRADE*
Our most powerful power washer featuring a durable Aluminium Induction Pump.
Blaupunkt Electric Chainsaw CS4000 - 2400W ***B-GRADE***
A powerful chainsaw with a long blade for the toughest jobs around the garden.
Reciprocating Saw/Sabre Saw RZ1000 - 710W *B-GRADE*
A powerful electric Sabre Saw great for cutting all kinds of materials from wood to metal.
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